Can’t Go Wrong

Jan 02, 2024

I was facing 2 felony charges, which would 100% require jail time plus fines and probation. When I contacted John, he reviewed my case and explained his objective was to keep me out of jail. He gave me a price for his services and explained the processes. John worked closely with the prosecutors, at one point the state emailed him stating it was very rare that “no” incarceration would be granted for the charges I was facing. That did not deter John, he continued to communicate with prosecutors and was able to work a deal. This kept me out of jail, no fines and minimal court costs . In the end, I faired much better then I ever expected. I am a good person that made a mistake, John was able to convince not only the prosecutors but the judge also saw that and gave me some leniency in my probation requirements. Even granting me the possibility of early termination of probation. In the end, no jail time! After my court proceedings, John followed up with me and offered to petition the court when the time came, to request the early termination of probation. In the end, he did exactly what he said he would do, for the price he quoted. I know that my case could have cost an average of $10,000 in legal fees and his fee was no where near that. His previous experience in the legal/criminal field proves an asset when working with prosecutors and the legal issues, he knows how to approach them. I cannot stress enough the importance of having an attorney that will fight for you. John is that person, he will keep you up to date on your case and answer any questions you may have. I STRONGLY recommend John Rutkowski!

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