Injunction Against Stalking Denied

June 2019

I represented the Respondent, whose sister, the Petitioner, sought and injunction against stalking. Respondent was concerned with the welfare of her niece’s who she legitimately believed were in harm’s way. In trying to ensure their safety Respondent attempted to contact Petitioner by telephone but was continuously blocked. As a result, Respondent attempted contact with Petitioner through email and text message, which were blocked and for which the Petitioner filed for an injunction against stalking. A temporary injunction issued (without a hearing) and a hearing on a final injunction was set.

Respondent has a high security sensitive job with the military and is required to travel internationally. Placement of temporary injunction was placed in an international data base and this caused Respondent to be question at each entry point during travel and it was hampering her ability to be approved for a security clearance.

After an evidentiary hearing on the issuance of a final injunction the Judge found the evidence did not support a final injunction and dismissed the temporary injunction, which saved the Respondent’s job.

See Order Below:

Order Denying Final Injunction.pdf

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Court: Circuit Court Pinellas County FL

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