Strongly Recommend

From Richard H

Very happy I selected Mr. Rutkowski as my attorney. It was my first time needing legal advice and representation. I needed solid guidance and counsel, and John provided it. I found John to be patient and understanding as I came up to speed, straightforward in his analysis, and responded promptly to my texts for clarification. I would recommend him.

Strongly Recommend

From Chris E

I am so glad I chose John to represent me. He is kind, punctual and really got me through a difficult time. His strategy in my case was quick and effective and saved me from a lot of extra financial hardship. I will recommend him to anyone in need.

Went Above and Beyond

From Wendy T

Went above and beyond! Would 100% recommend.

Can’t Go Wrong

From R Prive

I was facing 2 felony charges, which would 100% require jail time plus fines and probation. When I contacted John, he reviewed my case and explained his objective was to keep me out of jail. He gave me a price for his services and explained the processes. John worked closely with the prosecutors, at one point the state emailed him stating it was very rare that “no” incarceration would be granted for the charges I was facing. That did not deter John, he continued to communicate with prosecutors and was able to work a deal. This kept me out of jail, no fines and minimal court costs . In the end, I faired much better then I ever expected. I am a good person that made a mistake, John was able to convince not only the prosecutors but the judge also saw that and gave me some leniency in my probation requirements. Even granting me the possibility of early termination of probation. In the end, no jail time! After my court proceedings, John followed up with me and offered to petition the court when the time came, to request the early termination of probation. In the end, he did exactly what he said he would do, for the price he quoted. I know that my case could have cost an average of $10,000 in legal fees and his fee was no where near that. His previous experience in the legal/criminal field proves an asset when working with prosecutors and the legal issues, he knows how to approach them. I cannot stress enough the importance of having an attorney that will fight for you. John is that person, he will keep you up to date on your case and answer any questions you may have. I STRONGLY recommend John Rutkowski!

Honest, Experienced and does what he say’s he will do

From Jim D

John will look after your best interest and keep you informed of every aspect of your case until the very end. He is easy to get hold of and will answer any question you might have. He is a great guy to have in your corner during the bad times.

I would highly recommend

From Duane G

I did quite a bit of research trying to find the best attorney for my case. That is why I chose Mr. Rutkowski and found after the case was done I was correct in my choice. My case was dismissed and prior to the case I didn’t think that would be a viable outcome. Mr. Rutkowski has an incredible background in law and is also very affordable. I would highly recommend Mr. Rutkowski as an attorney that will use his past experience to defend you.

Undeniably, Your BEST Man For The Job

From Gary Lee G

I’m a Licensed State of Florida Builder Developer for 20 years. I’ve had my share of working with Attorneys that sell it good, then you get burned. After several phone calls with Attorneys about my case, I found myself concerned and not confident that a “great” Attorney was really out there for my defense and you really cared. After speaking with John, I actually said to myself, is this guy real or just a fantastic salesman. John was more than real, a true genuine man/soul. He answered my calls every time and spoke to me without watching a clock. He spent true personal time with me. John did exactly what he said he would do, and did NOT exploit my pocketbook. Simply put, I have no idea why anyone would choose a different DUI Attorney. John is undeniably, your BEST man for the job. His knowledge of each step through the process is spot on and he knows the system like the back of his hand, no surprises. As I go on in life, I will not hesitate to contact John 1st call, if I’m in need of Legal Assistance. Even if it’s not his field, I trust that he will lead me to the best Attorney for whatever my needs are. Thanks again John, GO EAGLES 🦅 👍

Great job John was able to get all charges dropped for my son

From Nena G

John Rutkowski did a great job representing my son. My son was facing extensive jail time and John was able to get all charges dropped. John was very knowledgeable and professional. He also worked with me on a price that I could afford. I would highly recommend his law firm.

Professional and Compassionate

From James Y

Mr. Rutkowski is professional and compassionate. He did excellent work on my case and got my charges reduced from felony to misdemeanor. I highly recommend his services.

Amazing Attorney Highly Recommended

From Shawna M

John Rutkowski is an amazing attorney who knows what he’s doing. I highly recommend him to anyone who’s in need of an attorney.

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